Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Posh Dance Productions: The Beginning!

Welcome to Posh Dance Productions and thanks for visiting us! We are a newly created dance company that consists of five girls who have intense backgrounds in the dance and performance arena. These beautiful young women have danced for associations which include the NFL, NHL, AFL, MLB, MTV Videos, Lincoln Center and Broadway. We are now hoping to extend our talents to a new audience and are looking to be hired for any event or occasion were Posh can enhance the evening with sophistication and elegance.

Through our blog we will be able to keep you updated on what's happening with Posh Dance Productions. Keep your eyes open for information on events and special posts by each of the girls!

You can contact POSH at and look for us on Facebook! To become a fan just search "Posh Dance Productions."

Thanks for visiting! Get ready for an exciting time, we know we are!

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